How To Shop For A Mattress

The most common questions when we are ready to buy a new mattress are

Which brand? What type? What Size Mattress? How much? What is the best mattress?

These are just some of the questions you are likely to have when buying a new mattress.

I think you found the right article. In this article, I will try to answer some of the most common questions before mattress shopping.

What mattress should I buy: Types of mattresses


You will immediately notice several types of mattresses out there, but three are considered the most common: innerspring, memory foam, and hybrids that combine the two.

Before you buy a mattress, you should familiarize yourself with the most common mattress types and how they are constructed.

Memory Foam Mattress

I want to start with foam beds. Memory foam mattresses are not cheapbut are excellent for cushioning sore joints or aching muscles and provide sleepers with deep contouring and comfort. 

These are some of the reasons why startups like Casper and Tuft & Needle are investing a lot in foam mattresses and consequently getting a lot of attention for their high-performing mattress-in-a-box foam beds.

Memory foam mattresses are designed and created to contour to the body, providing pressure relief.

These mattresses are becoming very popular and usually get better customer satisfaction ratings than innerspring 


Innerspring Mattress

They are also called open coil mattresses, and they are made with interconnected coils and are usually very durable, bouncy, and most likely affordable.

They can frequently satisfy the sleeping needs of children but are typically not supportive enough for adults.

Consumer Reports wrote in their mattress buying guide that innerspring mattresses with gel do sleep somewhat cooler, which is a great plus.

If you want a bed with bounce, then the traditional innerspring styles have that familiar bouncy feel.

Shortly: Innerspring mattresses are the most common and typically the least expensive.

Hybrid Mattress

A good hybrid mattress usually provides the best of both foam and innerspring models.

But an inferior hybrid will surely give you the worst of both.

The Hybrid mattresses use a pocketed coil support core and contain multiple layers of foam or latex foam on top to make it more comfortable.

A good hybrid model can also help promote a cooler sleeping environment.

You could also consider a latex mattress. Latex is a luxury mattress material, and for more information about the pros and cons of latex mattresses, we will write a dedicated article.

Is Sleeping Position So Relevant?

Understanding how to choose a mattress includes multiple factors like different types of mattress, your preferred comfort level, and last but not least, your sleeping position.

Once you understand all those key factors, you will pick the right mattress for you without errors.

Your sleeping position (back, side, stomach, combination), your weight, and the material your mattress is made of will determine your choice.

If you change position often during while you sleep, be sure to spend some time on your back, side, and stomach to see how each one feels.

Spend at least 5 or 10 minutes on every side and on your back and (your stomach, too, if that’s a preferred sleeping position) to get a first impression about the mattress.

If you are a side sleeper, I am sure you will like more a plush mattress because it will allow your shoulder and hips to sink into the mattress and feel much less pressure.

How Firm The Mattress Should Be? Type of mattress

If there is one thing I know about Mattress Industry is that they do not have standardized mattress firmness measurements. What does it mean? 

One manufacturer’s “firm” could be another maker’s “extra firm.”

You should take these descriptive terms as a guideline, but in the end, the ultimate decision is yours.

This is another factor why it’s essential actually to try a mattress before you buy it.

You will learn that manufacturers typically rank their mattresses by firmness using simple words like soft, medium, and firm. 

You can notice some others will offer a more complicated 10 points rating system. 

1 indicates a soft mattress and 10 a firm mattress. But still, very often, a very firm mattress can feel like a medium mattress for another manufacturer.

If you have a bad back, don’t assume you need a very firm mattress or opposite that a softer mattress will be more comfortable. 

Majority of people sleep much better on a mattress somewhere in the middle, but closer to firm than soft.

Mattress Shopping Tips

Lie Down on any mattress you would like to buy if it’s possible. 

Wear comfortable clothes and spend at least 5 to 10 minutes on each side and you can spend some more minute on your preferred sleeping position if you know wich it is ( your stomach for example or your back)

Lie down when is possible, lie on any mattress that you’re thinking to buy. 

Dress comfortable clothes and shoes you can slip off. 

If you are shopping online because they usually have better prices, then tryouts for obvious reasons aren’t possible. 

You need to check return policies and trial at home days. Usually, they offer a very long trial period at home, which is great.

If you buy a mattress online, you will find higher-quality mattresses and the lowest price because they don’t have to deal with retail store costs or to pay the sales commission.

Last considerations

The major factors you should look for when buying a new mattress are support and comfort.

Keep in mind some online retailers offer excellent deals on mattresses, so you might want to make your purchase over the Internet. Some great mattress brands are selling their product exclusively online. 

Several companies have customer service via phone, Live Chat, and social media so that you can ask questions 24/7, and it’s impressive how fast and efficient is their customer care.

One more important thing before buying you should be sure you’ll have all the necessary items like a proper bed frame and sheets that fit your new mattress.